Bananas are fast food!

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A recent report published by The Nielson Global Survey of Fresh Foods has revealed that the Brits lead Europe in their consumption of fruit and veg.

The survey found that 22% of Britons were consuming the full five a day recommended by health professionals, in contrast to just a 12% average across Europe.

However, while it’s good news to be at the top of the five-a-day table, these figures still confirm that the vast majority of us simply don’t consume enough fruit and veg – in fact most Brits consume only 3 and a half portions rather than five.

Of course, we live in a fast-moving world, where time is precious and so fast-food snacks or ready meals  seem an easier option that peeling and preparing vegetables  – but actually, here’s the ting – bananas make great fast food!

As well as being incredibly good for you, bananas can be popped into your lunch box , they don’t need to be kept refrigerated or heated up, you can peel and eat them within minutes and they’re great value for money too! Almost all fruit and veg count towards your five a day, even including chips, which has caused some nutritionists to question the nature of the campaign, and whether it allows for too much ‘cheating’.

However,  bananas definitely get the thumbs up and  the new researchis still a coup for theDepartment of Health, especially considering that the German 5 a day campaign has only resulted in a mere 2% of Germans getting their full 5 portions of fruit and veg. With healthy eating on the rise, it’s an encouraging time for retailers and importers of fruit and veg!